About Us

The Company Background

In September 1979, MER Chemical Laboratory and Services, Inc. (MER) was conceived by experienced professionals and scientists to provide water treatment chemicals, equipment cleaning chemicals with technical services and laboratory testing of various kinds of system water samples from different industrial firms and companies.

With its quality products and reliable technical services, MER is able to serve requirements of food and beverage plants, dressing plants, poultry, meat processing, wood processing, textile, pharmaceutical, packaging and other manufacturing companies including institutions like colleges, universities, hotels and hospitals.

Through the years, MER developed its specialization in providing water treatment programs for various industrial water systems including boiler, hot, cooling, chilled, potable, and process water as well as wastewater. It was able to develop its own easy-to-use Water Test Kits. It is diversified to bunker fuel oil treatment.

In 1995, MER became a corporation. It has expanded its analytical laboratory services to include wastewater analysis. The laboratory has been aligned with International Standards following ISO/IEC 17025:2005. MER will continue to be dynamic adhering to Quality Management System and complying with latest International Standard ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 adapted in the country.


An advocate of environmental awareness and protection, safety and energy conservation, MER provides analytical testing services for water, potable water and wastewater. Its Drinking Water Analysis Service Laboratory has been accredited since 1993 up to 2004 and then in year 2011 up to present, was again accredited by the Department of Health (DOH). The latest accreditation was based on DOH Administrative Order No.: 2006-0024 by Department of Health (DOH) Rules and Regulation Governing the Accreditation of Laboratories for Drinking Water Analysis.

Since July 2002, MER has gained recognition and is regularly granted the Certificate of Recognition as Environmental Laboratory by the Department of Natural Resources (DENR) as one of its qualified environmental and wastewater laboratory.


To keep abreast with market’s demand for technology and development in field of environment conservation, water and wastewater treatment, pollution abatement and laboratory techniques, MER maintains active membership or association with various reputable organizations namely: COCAP, NRCP, OSHA, PCAPI, WEAP and PALIU as with professional and industrial organizations.


MER has been successful in many of its water treatment programs implemented by clients for as long as twenty five (25) years now. Its clientele belongs to the top 1000 Corporations of the Philippines involved in the following industries:

• Food
• Beverage
• Processing Companies
• Manufacturing Companies
• Engineering Contractors
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Universities
• Malls
• Condominiums
• Commercial Buildings
• Textile Mills and Garments Companies
• Laundry Companies
• Pharmaceutical
• Animal and Poultry Farms Including Dressing Plants
• Water Refilling Station